Welcome to BJHCHS Staff Support

FYI – Currently the power is out at Oakgrove.  The phone system has been restored to working order at the PR Center at this time.

How to pick a proper password (Sophos)

Greenway Chat Link

Note on email:  Incoming email over 2 years old will be automatically purged as well as sent email over 1 year old.  You will only be permitted email based on your account size limitations regardless of its age.   

Streaming music and/or video to your desktop or laptop is prohibited by BJHCHS computer policy. 

Special Offer from Dell Computers for Employees

Grassroots Action Center Link (Save Our Health Centers)

Brush up on your computer skills!  Free online training! CFLearnFree.org

Security tip:  How to create a strong password (video)

DO YOU WANT THE “411”?  Call 987-7411 Staff Emergency Hotline. Keep up to date with weather related closings.

VPN Backup Plan: Remember you can call personnel at Chelsea and have them fax the record you need!

Quick Tips:

Rest your feet comfortably on the floor and ahead of your knees

Make sure your lower back is supported

Sit facing your monitor without excessively bending your neck down to avoid neck strain

Keep your arm close to your body when using a mouse to avoid wrist strain

Try to keep your arms at a 90 degree angle

Please turn off your computer, monitor, and speakers at the end of the day!