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If you are an employee, you can access your  Email, EHR Access, Training, Forms and other resources from anywhere via the internet.

***** Please note, recent Microsoft Windows Updates may display a blank black screen for an extended period of time.  Please allow the updates to run without interruption.

Quick Links:

  • BJHCHS E-mail
    Access your  e-mail through the web
  • BJHCHS Apps
    Access your BJHCHS Apps remotely. SuccessEHS, Healthpro, MIP, Practice Partner etc… Instructions for BJHCHS Apps
  • HelpTicket
    Request either IT Support or Facilities Support during business hours.
    Facilities: (843) 987-7541  or EXT: 7541
    MIS/IT: (843) 987-7449 or EXT: 7879
  • SuccessEHS Support
    Use this link to access SuccessEHS Chat. You can also call (877) 866-4347 use customer code SC1574
  • Training Videos
    Use this link to access Workflow Videos
    Login and document hours worked with check-in and check-out.

Streaming music and/or video for entertainment to your desktop or laptop is prohibited by BJHCHS computer policy.

DO YOU WANT THE “411”?  Call (843) 987-7411 Employee Hotline. Keep up to date with weather related closings and other information.