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***Status  Update, Jeff has worked diligently and has worked with the Centurylink Engineers  doing what they could not.  Circuits currently show great improvement.  3/24/17

Centurylink continues to work on our issues, however, overall, there is improvement.  Work is still being done on our connectivity issues.  3/23/17

UPDATE 3/22/17  Jeff has worked with Centurylink technical support extensively on the connectivity issue.  Current status does indicate greater stability.

Please be advised that we are experiencing issues with our internet connectivity.  This may cause issues with disconnects and reconnects to our servers.  This issue has been escalated with our internet provider, Centurylink.

If you are an employee, you can access your  Email, EHR Access, Training, Forms and other resources from anywhere via the internet.

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    Access your BJHCHS Apps remotely. SuccessEHS, Healthpro, MIP, Practice Partner etc… Instructions for BJHCHS Apps
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    Request IT Support. Please include phone number for email issues. You can also call (843) 987-7449 during Business hours
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    Change your password for Email/BJHCHS Apps and Computer Login. Call Helpdesk for additional assistance.
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    Use this link to access SuccessEHS Chat. You can also call (877) 866-4347 use customer code SC1574
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Streaming music and/or video for entertainment to your desktop or laptop is prohibited by BJHCHS computer policy.

DO YOU WANT THE “411”?  Call (843) 987-7411 Employee Hotline. Keep up to date with weather related closings and other information.