Dental Department Resources:

MediaDent Training Resources:

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Comprehensive Training Videos, Upgrade Webinars & Release Notes

Mediadent & SuccessEHS integration for Meaningful Use (V7.0) PDF

*Mediadent System Overview Training VIDEO

Mediadent – Version 9.1 Upgrade Video & 9.1 Video 2 &

Mediadent – Version 10.0 Upgrade Video & 10.0 Webinar Slides  &  10.0 PDF

Mediadent – Version 10.10 Upgrade Video & 10.0 Webinar Slides & 10.10 PDF

Mediadent – Version 10.20 Upgrade Video

Mediadent – Version 11.0 Upgrade Video & 11.0 Webinar Video & 11.0 PDF

Mediadent – Version 11.10 Upgrade Video & 11.10 Webinar Slides & 11.10 PDF

Mediadent – Version 11.15 Upgrade Video & 11.15 PDF

Mediadent – Version 11.20 Upgrade Video & 11.20 PDF

Mediadent – Version 12.0 Upgrade -Video & 12.0 PDF

Dental Mediadent Workflows, How to Videos & Basic Functions:

Mediadent Dental Superuser Workflow PDF

Mediadent Dental Workflow Walkthrough PDF

Mediadent Dental Workflow Meaningful Use – PDF

Mediadent Dental Front Office Workflow for CHC- DFO Guide PDF

Mediadent Dental Front Office Workflow for CHC Guide PDF

Mediadent Dental Workflow Walkthrough Review Dental Clients PDF

Mediadent for Community Health Centers PDF

Mediadent Showcase PDF

Mediadent Tips and Tricks PDF

Mediadent Dental Progress Notes VIDEO

Mediadent Editing Progress Treatment Note VIDEO

Mediadent Assistant Provider Documenting VIDEO

Mediadent Spell Check VIDEO

Mediadent Periodontal Screening & PSR VIDEO

Mediadent Dental Medication VIDEO

Mediadent EHS Meds VIDEO

Mediadent Express Checkout From Charting VIDEO

Mediadent Charting Corrections: Hidden screens & Open Apps VIDEO

Mediadent Patient Communication VIDEO

Mediadent Walk Out Check Out VIDEO

Meaningful Use:

Mediadent MU Stage 2 Dental Workflows Webinar VIDEO

Mediadent MU Stage 2 Dental Workflows Powerpoint PDF

Mediadent MU Stage 2 Dental Workflow PDF

Mediadent Dental Workflow Meaningful Use PFD

Mediadent Dentists MU PDF

Mediadent MU Dentistry and Oral Health PDF

Dental Images:

Mediadent Dental Module Dental Imaging Training Guide PDF

Mediadent Dental Imaging Training Guide PDF

Mediadent Digital Imaging PDF

Mediadent Printing Images VIDEO

Mediadent Transferring a Dental Image VIDEO

Mediadent Adding 3rd Party NEA Digital Images PDF

Mediadent Dental Image Optimization VIDEO & Optimization PDF1  & PDF2

Mediadent Optimizing a Digital X-Ray Device PDF

Initial Setup, User Setup, Other Setup resources:

Mediadent Dental System Files Setup Guide Session 1 PDF

Mediadent Dental System Files Setup Guide Session 2 PDF

Mediadent Dental System Files Setup Guide Session 3 PDF

Mediadent User Access – Functionality & Locations VIDEO

Mediadent User Preferences PDF

Mediadent Clinical Console User Preferences PDF

Mediadent Charting Configuration PDF

Mediadent User-Defined Medical Properties VIDEO

Mediadent External Charges &  Correcting Invoices VIDEO

Mediadent Restrictions Added to Reset Defaults Button VIDEO

Mediadent Fee Schedules VIDEO

Mediadent DFT Detailed Financial Transaction VIDEO

Mediadent GURKA Configuration & defaults VIDEO

Mediadent Data Miner PDF

Mediadent Dental Charting PDF

Mediadent Dental ICD10 PDF

Training items from the Video Training Tab

Assistant and Provider Charting New Patient

Editing a Progress Note

Transfer Image in MediaDent           

Dental Medications

Medication Module – eRx & Rx’s      PDF Training Guide  

Create Progress Note with Form Fields                          

 Dental Progress Notes

Image Optimization                                         

Walkout a Patient in MediaDent

Periodontal Screenings                                   

Printing Images