This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

How to create a distribution list in Outlook WebAccess

How do I unlock my PIN in HealthPro XL?

HealthPro XL will allow you to unlock your own PIN. Simply, open Healthpro and select “Main” Database, then hit cancel at the login prompt, next select “Who’s On” through “File”. highlight your PIN and click Logout.  You will have to authenticate with your PIN and password.

Finally, you can select “logon” through “File”….your PIN is available.


All folders in your email count against your overall box size. If your “INBOX” is not full, empty your “trashcan” and/or “sent items” folders.  “Don’t forget to check your drafts folder!”  Save your attachments and delete the email to cleanup your account.  The email server is not the appropriate storage space for attachments and they quickly fill your allotted email space.

Be sure to check your email account at least once a week to keep up with Agency wide announcements. 

Be sure to keep your mailbox clean to ensure that you receive new email.  A full mailbox will prohibit you from sending or receiving new email correspondence.  If you no long need an email, delete it and empty the trashcan before you leave your email account.


 Computer tells me my account has been locked, Contact Network Administrator

User accounts automatically lock after 5 failed attempts to Logon.  First insure you are using the correct password. Secondly, make sure your CAPS LOCK is not on (Passwords are case sensitive). Finally you will need to contact MIS to have account manually unlocked or wait 30 minutes for the unlock to expire.


System will not let you log on to remote access (Propalms/Email)

Look at the clock…..Normal access hours are from 6:00am till 8:00pm, Monday through Friday. If you require extended hours please make that request through your supervisor to MIS.  Network Administrator can grant access at anytime, requests can be phoned into 24 hour support and resolved within minutes.


Fax on Panda

To use Fax on Panda, simply select the print button from your application and select “Fax on Panda” as your printer selection when you want to Fax a display, report, or document from your computer.  Follow the prompts as displayed on your computer.  You can check the appropriate boxes to be notified as to the the success or failure of your fax.  You can choose to have those results emailed to your email account, including the contents of the fax if you so desire.If you wish to fax to a long distance fax number, (all calls are sent from the Chelsea Center and long distance is determined relative to the Chelsea Center), you will need to enter your long distance access code after the number.  For example: 1-803-625-2801,xxxx to fax a document to the Estill center.  The xxxx represents your long distance access code.  Enter the fax number followed by a comma and then your access code. 


How to Program Your Phone

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Lose your printer? 

How to find it again:

  • Click on the help button at the top in HealthPro XL or Practice Partner;
  • Click on the print button, then on print selected topic;
  • When the printer dialogue box comes up, you will see a find printer button;
  • Click on the find printer button;
  • You will see a Microsoft Windows Network icon, double click on that icon;
  • Next, double click on the “Domain” icon;
  • Scroll down until you see “Remote” – this is the print server for BJHCHS;
  • Double click on “Remote” and scroll down until you see the desired printer you want;
  • Click on the desired printer and then click on the “OK” button.

You have now added that desired printer back to your Terminal Server session without having to log out and log back in.  You should be ready to print to that printer from your desired application!


 Received warning from network administrator about email box size ?