Useful Medical Information

Useful Medical Information

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 Clinical visit patient flowsheet

Phone/Fax Lists:

Fax Coversheet
Hospital- Emergency Services & Other Phone/Fax #’s
HOSPITAL Phone and Fax numbers
BJHCHS Mental Health Resources
PEDIATRICS Commonly Used Phone/Fax Number List
PHARMACY Phone/Fax List
SPECIALIST Phone/Fax list

LabCorp Resources:

LabCorp – Test Menu (Website Link)
LabCorp – Beacon Login for Test Results
LabCorp Client Supply Order Form

LabCorp – Order of Draw for Labs
LabCorp – Quality Lab Sample Reference Guide
LabCorp – Microbiology Specimen Collection & Transport Guide
LabCorp – Proper Specimen Identification & Labeling
LabCorp – Test Request Completion – Requisitioning

LabCorp – Allergy Testing Info – ThermoScientific
*Allergy Results Interpretation Guide – ThermoScientific
LabCorp – Hepatitis C Screening Tests w/Info
LabCorp – Hepatitis C Testing Info Brochure
LabCorp – Hepatitis C List of Available Tests
LabCorp – Hepatitis C Menu for Complete Care Decisions
LabCorp NuSwab Testing Info Brochure
LabCorp – NuSwab Test List W/Specifications    Spreadsheet w/tube pics
LabCorp – PAP Test Codes – Hologic Aptima
LabCorp – TB QuantiFERON (4-Tube Specimen) Test Info (182879)
LabCorp – TB Quantiferon (3-Tube) (182873) DISCONTINUED 9/4/18
LabCorp – Zika Virus and Pregnancy Brochure
LabCorp – Zika Virus Q&A
LabCorp Resource – AccuDraw
LabCorp Medicare/Medicaid ICD-10 Coding Guide 2017 (pdf)
LabCorp Resource – Allergy ICD10 Codes

LabCorp Resource  – Common ICD10 Codes
LabCorp Resource – Genetics ICD10 Codes

Annual Wellness Visit:

Annual Wellness Visit – Risk Assessment FORM INSTRUCTIONS
Annual Wellness Visit – Risk Assessment FORM *2018 Updated*
Annual Wellness Visit – Risk Assessment FORM *2017 Version*
Functional Status Only – Printable Form
Annual Wellness Visit – Email Instructions from Admin
Annual Wellness Visit – Guidelines
Annual Wellness Visit – Coding the AWV
Health Hx Questionnaire – English  &  Spanish
Advance Directives – Link to website for explanations/Brochures
Advance Directives – Link to website for POA & Living Will
Advance Directives Explanation Brochure – English
Healthcare Power Of Attorney Form – English  & Spanish
Living Will Form – English  &  Spanish
Kegel Exercises Education (For Urinary Incontinence) – English  &   Spanish


PCMH Huddle Sheets:  Original Version 1     Newer Version 2

EHS PCMH Overview
EHS PCMH Toolkit
EHS Exploring the PCMH Toolkit
EHS PCMH Sample Policies
EHS PCMH Success Stories/Case Studies
EHS Managing Population w/Greenway Community


HEDIS Adult Documentation & Coding 2018  –  Pg1   Pg2   Pg3   Pg4
HEDIS Child Documentation & Coding 2018  –  Pg1   Pg2   Pg3   Pg4

Other Resources:

UHC – Medicare Advantage Radiology Clinical Guidelines 2017
UHC – Medicare Advantage Radiology PA – CPT Code List
UHC – Medicare Advantage Radiology PA – Included & Excluded Plans
UHC – Medicare Advantage Radiology PA –  FAQ’s 2017
UHC – Medicare Advantage Radiology PA – QRG 2017
UHC – Medicare Advantage Radiology PA – Crosswalk Table
OBGYN Procedures- Equipment Images & Policies