Useful Medical Information

Useful Medical Information

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eClinical Works Demo Videos:

eCW Care Management, HEDIS, PCMH
eCW HEDIS Population Health & Analytics
eCW Chronic Care Management Tool
eCW Denials & Payments
eCW Scheduling and Claims Processing
eCW Dental
eCW BO Reports
eCW eBO Reports Cont…, Registry and Structured Data Sets
eCW Jelly Beans, Tasking, Working Bins
eCW Scheduling, Clinical Workflow, Tablet and Phone App, Referrals

 Clinical visit patient flowsheet

Phone/Fax Lists:

Fax Coversheet
Hospital- Emergency Services & Other Phone/Fax #’s
HOSPITAL Phone and Fax numbers
BJHCHS Mental Health Resources
PEDIATRICS Commonly Used Phone/Fax Number List
PHARMACY Phone/Fax List
SPECIALIST Phone/Fax list

LabCorp Resources:

LabCorp – Test Menu (Website Link)
LabCorp – Beacon Login for Test Results
LabCorp – Link eServices Client Resource Website
LabCorp Client Supply Order Form

LabCorp – Order of Draw for Labs
LabCorp – Quality Lab Sample Reference Guide
LabCorp – Microbiology Specimen Collection & Transport Guide
LabCorp – Proper Specimen Identification & Labeling
LabCorp – Test Request Completion – Requisitioning

LabCorp – Allergy Testing Info – ThermoScientific
*Allergy Results Interpretation Guide – ThermoScientific
LabCorp – Hepatitis C Screening Tests w/Info
LabCorp – Hepatitis C Testing Info Brochure
LabCorp – Hepatitis C List of Available Tests
LabCorp – Hepatitis C Menu for Complete Care Decisions
LabCorp NuSwab Testing Info Brochure
LabCorp – NuSwab Test List W/Specifications    Spreadsheet w/tube pics
LabCorp – PAP Test Codes – Hologic Aptima
LabCorp – TB QuantiFERON (4-Tube Specimen) Test Info (182879)
LabCorp – TB Quantiferon (3-Tube) (182873) DISCONTINUED 9/4/18
LabCorp – Zika Virus and Pregnancy Brochure
LabCorp – Zika Virus Q&A
LabCorp Resource – AccuDraw
LabCorp Medicare/Medicaid ICD-10 Coding Guide 2017 (pdf)
LabCorp Resource – Allergy ICD10 Codes

LabCorp Resource  – Common ICD10 Codes
LabCorp Resource – Genetics ICD10 Codes


Annual Wellness Visit:

Annual Wellness Visit – Risk Assessment FORM INSTRUCTIONS

Annual Wellness Visit – ALL AWV Questions Printable
Functional Status Only (English) – Printable Form
Functional Status Only (Spanish) – Printable Form

Health Hx Questionnaire – English  &  Spanish

Annual Wellness Visit – Email Instructions from Admin
Annual Wellness Visit – Guideline Resource Manual from Optum Healthcare
Annual Wellness Visit – Required Coding for the AWV

Advance Directives – Link to website for explanations/Brochures
Advance Directives – Link to website for POA & Living Will
Advance Directives Explanation Brochure – English
Healthcare Power Of Attorney Form – English  & Spanish
Living Will Form – English  &  Spanish

NIH National Institute for Aging A-Z List Educational Materials (English)
NIH National Institute for Aging A-Z List Educational Materials (Spanish)

NIH National Institute For Aging – Order Free Pt Education (Bilingual)
CDC STEADI Fall Prevention Info Website
NCOA Fall Prevention Resources Website Website

Kegel Exercises Education (For Urinary Incontinence) – English  &   Spanish

Eating Healthy English:
Eating Healthy Spanish:


2019 PCMH Forms and Documents
2019 PCMH Videos


HEDIS Documentation & Coding Guidelines for Adult, Peds & Behavioral Health


Other Resources:

UHC – Medicare Advantage Radiology Clinical Guidelines 2017
UHC – Medicare Advantage Radiology PA – CPT Code List
UHC – Medicare Advantage Radiology PA – Included & Excluded Plans
UHC – Medicare Advantage Radiology PA –  FAQ’s 2017
UHC – Medicare Advantage Radiology PA – QRG 2017
UHC – Medicare Advantage Radiology PA – Crosswalk Table
OBGYN Procedures- Equipment Images & Policies